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Facilitating Conflict Transformation

Differences in perspective and disagreement are healthy and normal in teams and organisations. It's also increasingly common in times of change that conflict intensifies with pressure, from within the organisation or the external environment.

There are also times when unhealthy conflict situations of bullying and harassment, for example. The impacts on people's performance and wellbeing can be significant. It's important for individuals and the organisation that as leaders we take positive, timely action.

Using the principles of conflict transformation (where we seek to move beyond "agreeing to disagree", reach deeper into understanding difference, the emotions at play and identity at stake for people) and of restorative practice (where the focus is on understanding the impact and what we can each do to move to a new starting point), Inspiring Works provides an insightful and comprehensive approach to enable teams to perform well harnessing difference as an asset rather than a weakness.

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  • Senior Manager, RBS

    "Thank you to Ingrid for delivering a session around emotional intelligence, which is imperative for entrepreneurs and business owners in order to drive their business forward even when faced with difficult decisions. Ingrid’s workshop had the perfect balance of theory and practical tools to help support business owners, her interaction and hands on approach with the audience left everyone feeling engaged and motivated. I came with away with a much better understanding and some tangible techniques to use to increase my EI. Thanks Ingrid!" Melissa Hulme, Entrepreneurial Development Manager, RBS

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  • Executive Director, NHS

    "The Board feels very different now. We're a team, more conscious of each other's strengths..."

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  • Exec Headteacher

    "I highly recommend Ingrid. She has a varied and effective set of coaching strategies that have been so valuable in allowing me to really identify the key issues going on in my mind and focus on action which will move me and my schools nearer to our goals..."

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  • Building a culture of recognition and gratitude

    Gratitude and recognition impacts more on people’s motivation and drive than any pay rise. And isn’t just a fad – the evidence is in the science. It encourages greater activity in the hypothalamus part of the brain, which controls essential bodily functions like eating, drinking and sleeping. It helps us to put problems into perspective and so people tend to be less stressed and experience less anxiety and depression. When we recognise and value people, we encourage the release of the hormone dopamine, a feel-good hormone connected with our motivation and drive. When we give recognition, it also encourages the release of oxytocin, which is connected with our empathic and caring nature, which also helps us to feel good and positive about ourselves.

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